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For kids that have been around the roping circuit for a long time most automatically develop their own interest. However, there are a lot of children that are not exposed to roping, but it is a sport well worth introducing them to if you have the change. Particularly if they have a keen a interest in horses and the rodeo.

What is required

For a child to be really interested and to do well in roping there are some attributes or characteristics that they must possess

Be prepared to work hard

Like any sport, roping requires a lot of hard work and practice. There must be a real interest on the part of the child for them to be able to carry through with this.

It takes a lot of dedication and persistence and willingness to work hard.


One of the great aspects about team roping is that it teaches a youngster how to become a team player. This is not a one-man show and they have to rely on their teammates for their success. It is a great opportunity for young ones that tend to be shy or introverted.

The parent responsibility

If the parents want their children to become involved in roping then they have some responsibilities as well. There is a lot of equipment that is going to be needed. Children must be taken to their practices if they do not have the facilities nearby. It is well worth the time and effort if the youngster is going to be devoted to the sport.

There are also some costs involved regarding the various equipment. Some individuals own their own horse while others get the chance to ride for others that want to have their horses perform in these events. No matter how far the child goes in this sport it is worth giving them the opportunity to participate.