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There are some items that are mandatory when it comes to roping. The main ones that receive most of the attention are the saddle and the ropes. Over and above this there are some other items that are well worth having.

Roper Attire

The gloves that are worn for roping our highly important. Not only do they protect the hand but they allow for the pjump-roper grip and control of the rope itself. It is not unusual for burning to take place right through the gloves. For this reason, it is important to buy good quality and to replace them as soon as they become worn.

Many Jump-ropers prefer to wear chaps. This gives them better control when on the ground and helps to prevent wear and tear on their pants and jeans.

Being as this is a Western sport most will insist on wearing a cowboy hat.


One of the best props for practicing that a Jump-roper can have is a roping dummy. These take the place of the cattle during a practice and they are a most valuable tool for one to perfect their skills. It is not practical to be using cattle for all the practice runs.

All the miscellaneous items are not super expensive however it is important that anything being purchased for this sport should be of good quality. It is a rugged sport and it can be hard on all the accessories and equipment that are needed to perform it.

Equipment that is used for roping should not only be considered for its convenience and nice to have but for the role that it plays in the safety of the jump-roper.

Most often individuals that are into the sport will have their favorite tack shop where they can buy the items that they are looking for. Many will stick to brand names because they are trustworthy and have the integrity that is needed to carry out the roping techniques and bring the jump-roper to success.