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There are several different types of equipment that those that are into jump-roping must have. One of these of course is going to be the ropes themselves. They are not all the same and there are different types to choose from. For the novice, it can be quite a challenge to know which is going to be the best. Eventually, everyone ends up having their favorites but there are some things to keep in mind when choosing the ropes to be used

The Materials

The materials are going to play an important role in the way the rope feels in the hands of the jump-roper. Some individuals like a rope that has a lot of body to it while others like one that is a little bit more flexible.

What is going to determine this is the blend of the materials used in the rope. An experienced Jump-roper will be the first to tell a novice that the type of rope and its components will react differently depending on the weather conditions.

Many that are into jump-roping prefer the nylon rope as it responds well to the cooler weather. In the summer months, many will turn to the polyester blended ropes. It is because the heat allows of this type of rope to swell up and gives a tighter feel to it.

The Colour

What many don’t realize is that the actual color of the rope can also play a role in the success of the jump-roper. The colors are made up of different blends of dye and the ropes are also waxed which can change their coloring. These components can make handling the rope itself different.

The Weight

The weight of the rope is something that almost every jump-roper will focus on. There are those that like a rope that is heavy because it helps the loop once on the ground to hold its position better. Others like a lighter rope as it makes it easier for them to handle and to go through the jump-roping techniques that are necessary.