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There are a lot of people that go to the rodeos. One of their favorites events is Roping. While many wishes that they could do this, they do not have the equipment and resources that are necessary. However, it doesn’t mean that they cannot practice some of the amazing techniques that they see performed during this event.

To be able to practice roping it only takes a few pieces of equipment.

A Bale of Hay

A bale of hay is easy to access for anyone, even those that live in the city. It could be purchased online or as easy as taking a short drive out to the countryside and approaching a farmer that harvests hay. It is small enough that it can be put in the trunk of a vehicle and taken out to the backyard once one reaches home. This is going to be the body of the make-belief calf.

Dummy Steer Head

One is making a makeshift calf here to be the object of the roping. The bale of hay is going to be the body but now what is required is a head. One can visit any tack shop and they will most likely have dummy Steer heads for sale. This is easy to position on the top and of the bale of hay.

The Ropes

Ideally one is going to want to buy a rope specifically for cattle roping. Although any rope can be used to start with and then one can graduate to the more expensive ropes.

Mechanical Steers

For those that really build a passion for this backyard roping they can invest in a mechanical Steer. This really takes it up a notch as now and stead of roping calves one is beginning to rope steers at that are on the move.

What can be learned with these three simple items is the ability to do precision roping. While it may sound simple it really can help one develop their skills and those of all ages find it quite intriguing.